How We Started

"Created With Trill In Mind - 900 to 30,000 - Big Blessing"

Founded in 2020, Trillest meaning "Truth Reveals Inner Love & Loyalty Eternally, Stay Trill"

Pronounced as " trill - est", Trillest initial inspiration & production was to produce something that could be worn worldwide to put their small town of Woodville, MS on the map. LaSpencia Brown also known as Smoove, founder and CEO, wanted to put more eyes on the small town to bring awareness to the great children in that area that can't seem to reach the outside world and to also inspire the children in the area to know that there are no limits to what they could achieve.

Smoove started all of this in the living room of their 900 sq ft rental home with 10 shirts, cameo cutter, and a heat press. Before starting Trillest, Smoove designed & produced t-shirts and accessories for the local community and various organizations. She created a design for an organization that had the Trillest logo incorporated in that design. The organization disliked the design, she reworked the layout, and produced the shirts for that organization. However, the initial design wouldn't leave her mind, so she striped the design down to just the single word Trillest.

On April 16th, 2020, she made the design, printed it on shirt, laid it flat on the floor in her living room and took a photo with her phone, and uploaded that photo to her Facebook & Instagram with caption "If I was to start a clothing line, who would support?" & the comment section began to fill up. The following weeks, she built her website, ordered additional supplies, and prepared for the big day! On Friday, May 1st, 2020, Smoove launched her website & Trillest was born!

After the world opened back up after Covid, Trillest hit the road and begin to do Pop Ups shops around the south to bring awareness to the brand. As of 2023, Trillest has grown to a 30,000 square foot warehouse, retail store in Turtle Creek Mall - Hattiesburg, MS, & surpassed $1 million dollars in sales.

Trillest host multiple charity events and partner with local organizations to give back. Some of them include Back to School drives where they give away backpacks full of school supplies, plate giveaways where they giveaway food to the community, jacket donations where they giveaway all jackets not sold during the winter season, "Walk in my Shoes" where they giveaway tennis shoes to less fortunate kids, and "Ham Mercy Monday" where they donate hams during the Christmas holiday to elderly families. 

LaSpencia stated, "I just want to be the light of the world, allow God to shine through me, and motivate anyone seeking more while embracing their authentic self."